Meet the Senior team members below and read further information.

Alan Smyth - Operations Director

Alan has been in the dental industry since 1998. A multi-disciplined crown and bridge technician for the first 10 years of his career saw him manage two high end private laboratories simultaneously, growing his knowledge and skill base into implant and prosthetic fields through the next 10.

In 2018 Alan took the reigns here at precision and now oversees the day to day running of the laboratory. His role is three fold, to make sure the highest standards of quality and service are maintained within the laboratory, to strive to improve quality and maintain our position at the cutting edge of technology, and to use his knowledge and skill-set to offer advice to clients on all aspects of dental technology.

Nicky Cox - Precision Exclusive Department

Nicky heads the Precision Exclusive Department. Nicky is one of the leading Ceramists in the UK. Her work has been shown worldwide, with many articles being published in dental journals showcasing her work. Nicky has been with Precision Dental Studio for 29 years.

Mark Blackmon - Implant Department

Mark heads the Implant Department with over 12 years of experience in Implantology. His knowledge and expertise in the implant field, working with all the leading implant systems, enables Mark to guide his customers through the most complex cases.

Simon Dunford - Crown & Bridge Metalwork Department

Simon has been with Precision Dental Studio for 26 years. Simon leads the Metalwork Department. His considerable expertise and experience in the construction of metal sub structures, and his understanding of precious metal alloys, ensures excellence in fit and design.

Mike Clarke - Prosthetic Department

Mike heads the Prosthetic Department as well as performing his technical role. Mike organises work scheduling and ensures the smooth running of the Prosthetic Department. He liaises with customers and is the first point of call for technical advice.

Paul McCully - Office Manager

Paul joined the Precision Dental Studio team as Office Manager 4 years ago. Paul organises and manages all of the administrative activities that facilitate the smooth and efficient running of the Precision Dental Studio Office.

Sue Biss - Accounts Department

Sue is a long standing member of staff. Sue is responsible for customer accounts and ensures account queries are dealt with promptly.