Why Choose Us?

Why do so many leading dentists choose Precision Dental Studio ?

Natural Restorations

natural-smileRestoring a natural look
is of paramount importance to patients and dentists alike.
Delivering the most natural
looking restorations has always been one of our primary goals and is why we have become one of Europe's leading laboratories. If that natural finish is important to you and your patients, then Precision Dental Studio is the obvious laboratory of choice.

Personalised Individual Service

smile-phoneBy knowing our clients and their requirements in detail, we are better equipped to deliver precisely what is required. Not all dentists are the same, and nor are their needs. We recognise this, and so don't use the 'biscuit cutter' approach. The precision team is always available to speak with, and will keep regular contact with you when necessary, ensuring excellent communication throughout.

Expert & Experienced Craftsmanship

why-chouse-us_14Perfection comes with experience - with Precision Dental Studio, your restorations will be crafted by some of the most skilled and experienced hands in the industry giving you a superior result every time. Several of our technicians have been with us for over 20 years and so our clients benefit from this enormous wealth of experience when it comes to delivering the best possible restorations.

Premium Quality Products

crown-or-bridgeOur clients and their patients demand the highest quality. At Precision Dental Studio, we only use the very best components to give enhanced longevity and superior function.

Convenient Collection & Delivery Service

We offer a fast and efficient collection and delivery service, saving you time and ensuring things reach you just as they should.